How Bathroom Mobility Aids Can Help

Bathroom aids have vast become some of the most sought after items within a home. The need for bathroom mobility aids has increased simply as the people are living longer and in all honesty, bathrooms can be tricky places. Modern homes were not designed for the frail and elderly and as such, the need for more help is great. However, how can a few bathroom aids help you?

A Folding Shower Seat Can Help You to Bathe Comfortably

One of the most useful and much needed bathroom aids today has to be the foldable shower seat. Now, for those with mobility problems will know how crucial these seats can be simply because standing for long periods of time can be extremely tough. However with the folding shower seats, they give everyone the chance to bathe in comfort.

Grab Bars and Rails

Trying to get in and out of the bath can be pretty tricky and not just for those with mobility problems or the elderly, a lot of people have issues climbing in the bath. However, bathroom grab rails can allow you to easily step in and out the bath or shower. You can hold onto the railing as you step inside the bath and again once you are ready to get out. These can be fantastic and can give you back some much needed privacy when showering. The grab rails can be attached to the wall or wherever you find them most useful.

A Chair Lift for the Bath

If you are someone who cannot freely climb into the bath even with support rails then you may want to consider a lift a chair or ‘bath lift’ has become very popular amongst many. These lifts allow you to sit onto the seat and be lowered or raised into the bath. You are able to have a bath in privacy and don’t need to worry about having a helper to assist you also. The bath lifts are fully electric which can be useful and don’t worry because the chair will not lift you into the bath without there being enough power to get you back out. This can be a major concern for most but you don’t have to worry about that. The chair lifts can be one of the very best bathroom aids available today.

More Help for You to Consider

There are a host of simple but very effective mobility aids to choose from including toilet rails and raised toilet seats; the portable bidet can also be a very good tool to consider also. If you have trouble sitting down to relieve yourself then you may want to consider a raised toilet seat or the grab rails. The railings can give you some support when standing. More explained in our post here:

Get the Help You Need

There is no shame in asking for a little help but sometimes you don’t want a home-care worker to have to come into the bathroom with you. However if you can find the right mobility aids you hopefully will be able to get back some independence and freedom. Bathroom aids are great for anyone who requires some additional help.

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