Bathroom Aids for the Handicapped


Choosing the appropriate bathroom aids for the disabled can be a complicated decision, especially if you don’t take time to get the right information. If you need to outfit your home bathroom for someone in your family that is disabled, be sure to take into consideration safety, ease of use and independence issues. Any bathroom aid that you add to a disability bathroom should make life easier for your loved one.

Here are some of the most basic and the most useful.

Lift for the Tub

The tub can be a very challenging area for many who are disabled because it can be very dangerous getting in and out of conventional bathtubs. Short of totally replacing a traditional tub, you can make taking a tub bath safer and more convenient by adding a portable tub lift to this area. These bathroom aids can be used by a disabled person, then removed when not in use, so that other family members can use the tub as is. A basic lift for the tub simply attaches to both sides of the tub, and when a disabled person is seated, it then is easily lowered into the water for a bath. Transferring out of the tub lift is relatively easy after it is lifted from the water to the proper height. The user can then turn and be transferred from the tub to a wheelchair or can stand up if possible.

Elevated toilet seat

An elevated toilet seat is very often used by those who are disabled or by the elderly who are less mobile. There are many types, but the most cost effective are those that easily fit on top of a conventional toilet seat. Some are made with safety bars on the sides for support to sitting and standing. You can find a toilet seat that is elevated in both elongated and standard sizes, which makes it easy to fit any toilet you already have in the bathroom. There are a plethora of handicapped aids for the toilet available today, but not all are practical, convenient or useful to everyone. Certain aids are more helpful for those with certain mobility requirements, so be sure to take into consideration the needs of your family member or loved one.

Portable seat for the shower

If you have a shower instead of a tub, a portable shower seat is great for adapting the area for better access to the handicapped. Some are simple stools, while others are made for better support with backs and safety arms. After use, you can fold them and store them until needed again. They are also easily packed for traveling, when necessary.


These are just several of the most popular, portable and highly functional bathroom aids for the handicapped that are useful for many people who have limited mobility. Be sure to consider features, prices and the needs of your loved one before selecting what is best for your home bathroom. However, these are some basic bathroom aids that are most often used by the disabled.

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